Terms and Conditions

By using this website (www.real-fit.com.sg) and/or its relevant pages under the same domain, making a class booking, and/or making a purchase with Real Fit Studio, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Please read through the following Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

Real Fit Studio Reserves the right to update the Terms & Conditions at any time.

Real Fit Studio operates in compliance to Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). Should you wish to find out more about our usage of your personal data, please click here.


By using this website and/or its relevant pages under the same domain, you understand and acknowledge the risks of utilizing and providing information over the internet. Real Fit Studio takes web security and breaches seriously. However, we do not guarantee that this website is fully secured with no security threat or vulnerabilities. Real Fit Studio will not be held responsible for any breach of information provided via this website.

Real Fit Studio Prepaid System

Real Fit Studio offers the flexibility to fitness class goers, with a minimum top-up of only $1. A $1 top-up is equivalent to $1 worth of credits in the system and can be used to make payment for classes and merchandise. To make any purchase, all customers must create a Real Fit Studio account. Real Fit Studio does not accept direct cash/card purchases.

If you have topped up credits into your account via the website or mobile app, the value will take up to 48 hours to be reflected.

Credits in the Real Fit Studio account have a one (1) year validity date. Upon expiration, account owners can top-up any amount to reactivate credit balance left in the card previously.

Real Fit Credit Transference and Refund Policy

All Real Fit Studio credits are non-refundable.

Real Fit Studio credits are non-transferrable.

Should you have any medical conditions that do not allow you to continue working out at Real Fit Studio permanently, please email us a copy of your doctor’s letter to hello@real-fit.com.sg. We will transfer your remaining credits to a single person.

Real Fit Studio Rewards

Real Fit Studio offers rewards programme so that you can spend and enjoy free classes at the same time.

Once you have spent more than $250 within a year, you will be able to use your accumulated points as cash to pay for any classes.

Reward points will expire 365 days from the day earned, and there will not be any extension of expiry date.

Real Fit Studio Packages

Real Fit Studio offers value for money packages.

$100 will entitle you to $5 free credits.

$250 will entitle you to a free class (up to $28).

$500 will entitle you to three (3) free classes (up to $84) and unlock friend-share.

Once you are a friend-share account holder, you will be able to share your credits with a friend. Simply email us at hello@real-fit.com.sg or call us at +65 6219 3044 after you have made your own booking and inform us that you will be bringing a friend. Real Fit Studio friend-share account owners must be present for their guest to utilize the credits.

Real Fit Studio Gift Vouchers

Real Fit Studio Gift Vouchers have a 3 month validity from purchase date, and must be credited into a person’s Real Fit Studio account in order to be utilized. Real Fit Studio Gift Vouchers are non-refundable. Real Fit Studio Gift Vouchers can only be purchased at the reception desk. For bulk enquiries, please email hello@real-fit.com.sg.

Booking of Classes

If you are an existing Real Fit Studio account owner, you may book your classes via our online booking platform “Book Classes”, or via our Real Fit Mobile App. You may also book your classes via email (hello@real-fit.com.sg) or via phone calls (+65 6219 3044). You may reserve classes up to 1 weeks in advance, and we do not promise the class availability for walk-ins.

Please ensure that your Real Fit Studio account have existing credits before making a class booking.

We do not offer free trials for first-timers as our classes are all priced individually.

Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions are not stackable. Please ensure that your discount/promotion is applied before confirmation of the class booking. Once the class has been booked, we are unable to make any refunds or apply the discount/promotion.

Real Fit Studio reserves the right to bring forward or extend the discount and/or promotion without prior notice.

While most discounts and/or promotions are catered to all, we seek your understanding that there are some discounts/promotions tailored for either new or existing customers only. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully for each discount and/or promotion.

For the latest updates on our existing discounts and promotions, click here or visit our Facebook page.

Class Etiquette

Please make your own transport arrangements to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the class time, in case of traffic delays.

If you are running late, please call us at +65 6219 3044 to inform the reception, so that we can hold the booking for you. For latecomers who do not inform the reception before class commencement, Real Fit Studio reserves the right to give your slot to walk-ins who have made it on time.

Once our class has started, Real Fit Studio will not allow anyone to join the class as it may be disruptive to both the teacher and fellow students.

Mobile phones and bags are not allowed in the studio, and should be kept in the lockers (at the shower areas).

Only face towel and water bottles will be allowed in the studios. For Hot Yoga practitioners, it is compulsory to bring along a mat towel.

Cancellation of classes

You can cancel classes up to 3 hours ahead of class commencement. We encourage you to use the online booking platform “Book Classes”, Real Fit Studio Mobile App, or call us at 6219 3044. Please avoid cancelling classes via email as we may not be able to return your credit to your Real Fit account in time. If you did not manage to cancel your pre-booked class 3 hours ahead of class commencement, the class will be deemed as utilized and the credits will be deducted accordingly.

Loss/Damage of Personal Items

Real Fit Studio provides lockers in our studios, and we encourage guests to utilize the lockers when attending classes. Lock and keys are not provided for and can be purchased at the reception.

Lock and keys can be purchased at the reception for $3.

Real Fit Studio bears no responsibility for any loss and/or damage of personal items within the studio.

Web Content and Third-Party Links

Reasonable effort is placed to ensure the updated-ness of the website. Real Fit Studio does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the website and its contents. Real Fit will not be held liable for any loss of opportunity or damages cause by the ability or inability to utilize any content from the website.

There may be third-party links in this website for users’ convenience. These links are operated by separate entities from Real Fit Studio, and Real Fit Studio will not be held liable for any inaccuracy, incompleteness, or untimeliness of these third-party websites. Links to third-party websites does not represent Real Fit Studio’s endorsement of their brand or content.

Waiver/Limitation of Liability

By making a class booking, making a purchase, attending classes/events, and utilizing any of Real Fit Studio’s facilities, you implicitly acknowledge that you understand the risks and dangers of exercising and working out. Despite efforts to ensure that the class module is multi-levelled and should be considerably achievable by the general public, Real Fit Studio will not be liable for any injury sustained during or after the class/event.

If you have any underlying medical conditions, please highlight them to the reception before the class, so that they can explain the intensity of each class. At no point shall the reception staff of Real Fit Studio be held liable if their personal opinion of the class differs from your own personal opinion.

Real Fit Studio staff have the right to refuse entry to class should they notice or find your physical condition unsuitable for any of the classes.

Intellectual Property Rights

All images, contents, logos, and articles are intellectual property of Real Fit Studio and may not be used, copied in part of in whole, distributed, and/or published for commercial purposes.


Terms and conditions updated as of 29th October 2018.