Promotions Rewards


As you top up

All Year 7.5%

Get $7.5 worth of reward credits once you top up your first 100 credits. Plus, get 7.5% reward credits for all subsequent top ups. YUM!

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  • Spending records are reset after 365 from first date of spending – i.e. from 366th Day onwards, top-up another $100 credits to start earning reward credits
  • Reward credits have an expiry date of 365 days. To check on your balance rewards, log in to your mindbody account here
  • Reward credits do not display decimal place.

Gold Fit

Accumulate 1200 credit top ups and get 2 free classes + 1 class for your friend on your birthday month (worth $84)

Gold Fit accounts can also sign in a new friend for free!

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  • Gold Fit Birthday Free Classes can be used on any day within your birthday month
  • Bookings for Birthday classes can only be made within the birthday month (i.e. you can only start booking on the 1 st of the month)