Getting Ready for Classes at Real Fit Studio

How much are the classes? How do I get there? What facilities are available? Can I join if I’m a beginner? We will address all these questions in this post.

To make things easy, we have prepared a checklist:
There’s no rocket science about our classes.

How much are classes?

Our prices are similar to the cinemas, we have an off-peak price which covers most of weekdays except for 6-8pm, the peak price which covers weekdays 6-8pm, and a weekend/PH price. If you can take advantage of the off-peak rates, great! Otherwise, you can’t find any cheaper Yoga/Trampoline classes anywhere else. Real Fit Studio also has a rewards system where we return you credits the more you spend!

How do I get there?

Many people mix Cathay Cineleisure building up with The Cathay building in Dhoby Ghaut. We are located at Cathat Cineleisure, and the nearest MRT is Somerset. We are right next to the lift on Level 3!

What are the facilities available?

Bring your own padlock (at least 25mm) and towels, and we provide the rest! For classes as low as $10, we even provide 3-in-1 shampoo and hair dryer!

Can I join if I’m a beginner?

Some of you may have seen the difficulty level on our website – does it mean you can’t join if you are a beginner? Absolutely not. It is a generic guideline to indicate the intensity of the class. If you have not been working out, you may find it tiring to attend a difficulty level 5 class, whereby if you may feel nothing in a difficulty 5 class if you are constantly working out. All our instructors are trained to provide options catered to all levels of learners, so try out any class you’re interested in and be the judge for yourself!