Corporate Teambuilding

Teambuilding can be fit, safe and fun! Get out of the work cubicle and work it. Choose a programme suitable for your office crowd:

Yoga Teambuilding

Learn the art of zen. Experience a range of poses and discover the meanings behind them. Create a meaningful outcome by expressing a team message together using poses learned in Yoga Class.

Fitness Teambuilding

Sweat It Out Challenge! Bring everyone together for a complete workout. Get the whole team focused and working towards the same goal. Jumping fitness available!

Dance Teambuilding

Rock some new moves and come up with your own dance sequence. Compete to be the best team! See the variety of our Dance Classes to learn more.

Partner Yoga

Need to bond & communicate? Try Partner Yoga. Pair up with your colleagues to learn Yoga poses at a comfortable pace together. Partner Yoga is perfect for reminding ourselves to listen to and be mindful of one another.