Rachel Lum

Dance and Yoga are quintessential in Rachel’s life. She started ballet at age 4 and graduated from NAFA with a diploma in dance. Since young, Rachel had always known that dance is best way for her to express herself. She found that same solace in Yoga and embarked on her journey as an instructor in both.

Why did you want to be a teacher instead of a performer?

I believe in the cycle of giving and receiving. After learning and receiving, I feel like I have to share it and I’m inspired by people who helped and shared their expertise in my Yoga journey.

How are your dance or yoga classes different?

Because of my dance background, I’m very sensitive to the flow and breath of a motion. I teach not only the dance move or yoga pose, but the transition of it, stringing each move together into one. I also like to encourage my students to feel the motion, and feel your muscles doing the motion instead of just going through with the motion. I also want to inspire the student focus on individual expression of the motion.

How do you manage kids classes?

When I first taught kids classes, I felt like teaching 1 class was equivalent to teaching 10! Eventually I learned that to teach kids, you have to tap on their imagination through vivid descriptions. For example, when they need to jump, I sometimes tell them to gallop behind an imaginary unicorn. And they’ll happily squeal “UNICORN!!”. Visual cues help a lot because kids need more sensory motivators.