Li Leng

Don’t let Li Leng fool you with her petite frame – Her energy level is as high as an energizer bunny! With over 3 decades of cardio teaching experience, she focuses on guiding her students the correct techniques while encouraging to have fun at the same time. Age has never been a deterrent for her to work out, and she is a true inspiration to all of us!

Why did you want to become an instructor?

I don’t have discipline, but I enjoy working out a lot so I force myself to exercise by becoming an instructor.

How do you cope with all the kids in your kids’ classes?

Kids are as crazy as me, plus they are SO cute! In kids classes, I use more hands to demonstrate my point, and I use more facial expressions. Kids will always be kids; what’s more important is they have fun, and enjoy my class!

Any advice for people who want to workout at home?

Don’t! (Laughs) Come to class, work out as a group, and sweat it out together. It is more motivating and fun when you do things in a group. You also get to make friends and encourage each other to work out in class more often!