Kavitha Giri

A former Physiotherapist, Kavitha has deep knowledge of human body and believes in correcting posture and stiffness through various types of workouts. Her signature Back Cure Yoga helps people overcome their neck and back pains caused by the stressful Singapore lifestyle. Kavitha has been teaching for over 10 years, and her students’ progress fuels her passion for fitness training. Kavitha doesn’t believe in achieving the perfect Yoga pose, but “try your best” is her usual advice to students.

What is a tip for people to maintain a healthy back?

Postures are very important. Also, they should stretch frequently, at least when they get up in the morning.

What is your favourite food?

Fruits are like positive energy to me. They make me happy. Oh and chocolates too. I seldom eat chocolates but when I do, I have to eat a full bar. I wouldn’t even share my chocolate bar with my husband. He has to get his own.

What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

When people first enter my class, they feel painful everywhere. After 10 years of attending my classes, they are now more into fitness than me, and it makes me feel good that I helped them achieve something. Having students sticking by you for 10 years, it tells me that I must be doing something right for them to believe in me for so long. How I’ve been able to help them is definitely my greatest achievement.