Issey T

Issey is one of our most decorated trainers. A martial artist holding multiple National and Regional Taekwando Championship titles, he burns with a passion for combat and fitness training! This very same passion drove him to become a fitness trainer for the past 2 decades. His combat fitness class is personalized to include modified moves that both experienced and new students can learn.

Can the combat moves really be used in real life as self-defence?

In a way, I guess you can apply the same moves but at a faster pace. The tempo in the class alters the martial arts move to match the beat of the music, but the movements are much faster in a fight and you are also required to dodge.

What is your greatest achievement?

By the age of 16, I was a National Taekwondo Champion. In fact, I was also the national champion for the subsequent 5 years. I also came in first place for 2 of the ASEAN Taekwondo Championships.

Why did you choose to teach Combat Fitness instead of Taekwondo?

I like to practice martial arts. If I’m teaching Taekwondo, I end up spending more time teaching than practicing. In my combat fitness class, I can practice the moves together with my students.