Angela Aiken

A dancer since age 4, Angela built a solid dance foundation in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz. Always bringing the party to her Zumba classes, Angela is one passionate instructor that painstakingly choreographs all her Zumba moves, setting her Zumba classes apart from the rest! Angela also teaches Piloxing, where she incorporates her secret core building technique to great abs. Learn how she set a 27-minute plank record!

What do you do outside your free time?

I enjoy reading and writing, but more of writing. I write a lot, ranging from blogs, to fitness articles, and even inspirational fitness quotes sometimes!

What is your specialization?

I teach a variety of classes but other than that, I would say that my specialization are core workouts. It’s so kickass! PLUS I love to do things that people find difficult and unachievable. I actually held a 27 minute planking record back in Victoria, that I even had to read a book to relieve my boredom!

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I have a law degree. People definitely do not expect something with a law degree to end up being a fitness instructor.