Yoga is a versatile form of exercise with classes of varying intensity depending on your goals and readiness. Beginners to Yoga can start with our Yoga Basics class where you’ll learn to correct your posture and gradually improve your flexibility and fitness. If you’re looking for something more specific, try Back Cure to improve your back health or Core and Cardio to burn fats and build abs.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available.

Affordable Yoga Classes for Beginners


Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is the best class for beginners to start with. You'll build your foundation and learn all about the basic poses. Yoga is easy to learn with the right instruction. You’ll condition your body to be ready for more types of yoga classes to unlock more benefits.

Beginners are encouraged to join at least once before attending other Yoga classes.

Advanced Yoga practitioners are also encouraged to join Yoga Basics to
strengthen their foundation on the various Yoga poses.

  • Gentle stretches that are easy to learn and follow
  • Detailed explanation on poses
  • Release stress and tension for better sleep
  • Builds foundation for more advanced classes and improves the flow of yoga poses

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Mobility and Flexibility Yoga

Mobility and Flexibility Yoga class emphasises on improving joint mobility, especially on wrist, shoulders, neck and back. Through this class you’ll be able to overcome your body’s limitations and unlock a new range of flexibility.

Join this class especially if you're new or returning to Yoga, or just experiencing joint stiffness you want to alleviate.

  • Improve flexibility and posture
  • Relieve stress and tension for better night’s sleep
  • Reduce stiffness and aches of joints and muscles
  • Return body to original state where it can perform optimally
  • Improve sports performance and reduce injuries
  • Excellent recurring class to attend for good health

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Mobility and Flexibility Singapore

Yoga Class for Backache Cure


Back Cure Yoga

Back Cure is the Yoga class that focuses on undoing damage to your back caused by lifestyle and desk jobs. You'll learn the poses and flows that free your back from stiffness and pains.

  • Relieve back pains and stiffness
  • Strengthen back muscles naturally
  • Maintain or regain mobility in upper, mid, lower back, shoulders, hips and neck
  • Master Instagram-worthy backbend poses as you build a strong back during the classes
  • Feel a powerful anti-aging effect through improved spinal health

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Core & Cardio Yoga

Core and Cardio class combines Yoga with working out. This exciting class contains the cardio workout you need to keep your body slim, while not neglecting your need to stretch, relax, and unwind. As Core and Cardio class consists of a lot movement and core strengthening, you’ll improve your figure and increase your stamina.

  • Highly focused on core and abs so you can slim your belly and build abs
  • Get rid of belly and other unwanted fat
  • Overall strengthening of your body
  • Improve sports performance as you improve your flexibility and stamina

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Yoga Workout Singapore


Sun Salutation Yoga

Sun Salutation Yoga is a gentle flow class that focuses on the Sun Salutation routine in Hatha Yoga with some variations to induce a higher heart rate. Though constant movement similar to a Vinyasa class, you are able to burn calories and engage a deep stretch for an energized day ahead.

  • Improve flexibility and posture
  • Improve sports performance and reduce injuries
  • Overall strengthening of your body

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha is the traditional form of Yoga everyone must experience. The class is beginner-friendly and brings you through the classic poses of yoga and sets the foundation for other kinds of Yoga classes.


You will learn the authentic way to breath and meditate while performing the Yoga poses to achieve a balanced body and mind.

  • Burn calories with an intensive workout
  • Strengthen and tone up arms, belly and thighs
  • Great for stressful days when you need a good workout and a confidence boost

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Yoga Exercise

Yoga Exercise


Weight Loss Yoga

Weight Loss Yoga class is a combination of Yoga and body strengthening, giving you a vigorous workout that’s great for getting fitter and slimming down.

Through specially selected Yoga poses and body strengthening exercises like crunches, squats, and planks, you’ll work away stubborn fats on belly, thigh and arm areas, so you can grow more confident in your figure.

  • Burn calories with an intensive workout
  • Strengthen and tone up arms, belly and thighs
  • Great for stressful days when you need a good workout and a confidence boost

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Upside Down Yoga

The Upside Down class is your way into Inversion Yoga. You will practice poses that raise your heart higher than your head, improving your blood circulation and unlocking a myriad of health benefits. Feel empowered and liberated as you raise the limits of what you can achieve with your body.

  • Improve blood circulation by clearing fluid congestions
  • Calm down your nervous system by reduce anxiety and stress
  • Boost productivity and focus by increasing blood flow to the brain
  • Improve spine flexibility and reduce signs of aging
  • Learn breathing techniques that will help in more advances Yoga postures

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Inversion Yoga Class Singapore

Vinyasa Yoga Singapore


Power Yoga

Time to work out a good sweat! Power Yoga is for the fit, or those who want to be fit. Fitness enthusiasts who enjoy a full body workout will definitely enjoy Power Yoga, combined with the benefits of aligning and shaping your posture. This fast-paced and demanding regime incorporates strengthening exercises with Yoga to push your body's limits and help you achieve more.
Feel energised and empowered after every class, especially when you see the results on your body in the mirror.

  • Whole body workout to burn fat and improve body overall fitness and strength
  • Increase stamina and acquire a smoother “flow” to your yoga postures
  • Highly effective exercise to slim down and tone your body

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Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow focuses on flow rather than singular movements. You’ll learn to transition from position to position with fluidity, which would not be possible without developing good foundation and familiarity with Yoga poses. Yoga Flow gives you a great sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

  • Develop strength and endurance, and develops confidence in your Yoga practice
  • Learn to flow between poses with fluidity and grace
  • Challenging but rewarding class that builds stamina and improves Yoga mastery

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Vinyasa Yoga Singapore

Yoga Handstand Pose


Handstand Yoga

With patience and dedication, almost anyone can achieve the graceful, picture perfect handstands often seen on Instagram and other social media. Handstand Class will develop your core and arm strength so that you can achieve an unassisted handstand and hold it. Anyone with a certain level of fitness can join this class even without a strong Yoga foundation.

  • Build arm and overall body strength
  • Increase flexibility and grace
  • Empower yourself to achieve difficult poses
  • Unlock ability to perform new dance and exercise movements previously not possible

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