Hot Yoga

Welcome to the most affordable Hot Yoga in Singapore! At Real Fit Studio, you can enjoy Hot Yoga from $10 a class without any costly packages.

Hot Yoga is perfect for burning off stress and sweating out toxins. It's especially good for anyone who needs to stretch out all the aches and stiffness while melting away lots of calories. The snug atmosphere is just what you need to ease away the day’s tension while toning up your body. Hot yoga is the best class to help you to relax and burn fat at the same time. A mat towel is compulsory for this class.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available.

Hot Yoga stretching and detox at Real Fit Singapore


Hot Yoga Basics

In this HOT version of Yoga Basics, sweat more and feel a deeper stretch in the heated class as your muscles warm up faster. You'll build your foundation and learn all about the basic poses. Yoga is easy to learn with the right instruction. You’ll condition your body to be ready for more types of yoga classes to unlock more benefits.

Beginners are encouraged to join at least once before attending other Yoga classes.

Advanced Yoga practitioners are also encouraged to join Yoga Basics to
strengthen their foundation on the various Yoga poses.

  • Gentle stretches that are easy to learn and follow
  • Detailed explanation on poses
  • Release stress and tension for better sleep
  • Builds foundation for more advanced classes and improves the flow of yoga poses

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Hot Hatha Yoga

Hot Hatha Yoga is a beginner-friendly class that will take you through the classic poses of Yoga in a heated environment that will let you sweat and detox. Hot Yoga loosens up muscles faster, enabling a deeper stretch in Yoga postures. Deeper stretches result in deeper relaxation, ensuring a great night’s sleep ahead.
Like other Yoga classes, Hot Yoga helps you unravel your tension and stress. Additionally, the heated environment lets you burn even more calories so you can achieve more in a single session.

  • Gentle stretches that are easy to learn and follow
  • Slow-paced class that is good for relaxing
  • Burn more calories and detox in the heated environment
  • Release stress and tension for better night’s sleep

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Affordable Hot Hatha Yoga at Real Fit Singapore

Hot Yoga Back Cure at Real Fit Singapore


Hot Back Cure

Hot Back Cure Yoga is our very own special class. It focuses on undoing damage to your back caused by lifestyles and desk jobs. Anyone who suffers from stiffness and chronic back pains will benefit greatly from increased back flexibility. The soothing warmth from the heated environment will further relieve your pains and set your back free.

You'll look forward to coming back to this great class every week!

  • Relieve back pains and stiffness
  • Strengthen back muscles naturally
  • Maintain or regain mobility in upper, mid, lower back, shoulders, hips, neck to
  • Master Instagram-worthy backbend poses as you build a strong back during the classes
  • Benefit from a deeper stretch and detox in the heated environment

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Hot Core & Cardio

Hot Yoga Core and Cardio is the class for you to get your beast mode on and burn fats – intensively!

Be ready to do Yoga while working out at the same time. This exciting class contains the cardio workout you need to keep your body slim, while not neglecting your need to stretch, relax, and unwind. As Core and Cardio class consists of a lot movement and core strengthening, you’ll improve your figure and increase your stamina.

  • Burn more calories and detox in the heated environment - Highly focused on core and abs so you can slim your belly and build abs
  • Get rid of belly and other unwanted fat
  • Overall strengthening of your body
  • Improve sports performance as you improve your flexibility and stamina

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Affordable Hot Yoga workout at Real Fit Singapore

Hot Yoga stretching and detox at Real Fit Singapore


Hot Mobility and Flexibility

In this HOT version of the Mobility and Flexibility Yoga class, you’ll be able to take advantage of the heated environment to get deeper stretches and a more powerful detox effect. Mobility and Flexibility Yoga class emphasises on improving joint mobility, especially on wrist, shoulders, neck and back. Through this class you’ll be able to overcome your body’s limitations and unlock a new range of flexibility.

  • Burn fat and detox in the heated environment
  • Improve flexibility and posture
  • Relieve stress and tension for better night’s sleep
  • Reduce stiffness and aches of joints and muscles
  • Return body to original state where it can perform optimally
  • Improve sports performance and reduce injuries

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Hot Weight Loss

Time for a super calorie burn. Hot Weight Loss combines Yoga with body strengthening to give you a vigorous workout session guaranteed to make you sweat buckets. You’ll slim down and toughen up and the same time, as you work your way through Yoga poses and body weight exercises like crunches, squats, and planks in a heated environment.

Hot Weight Loss targets stubborn fats on belly, thigh and arm areas so you can see visible results in the mirror and feel more confident in your figure.

This workout is perfect for fitness enthusiasts with experience in Yoga. Remember to get hydrated before class.

  • Burn more calories with an intensive workout in a heated environment
  • Strengthen and tone up arms, belly and thighs
  • Great for cheat days where you really need to burn off more

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 Hot Yoga Exercise at Real Fit Singapore