Fitness Workouts

Fitness Workouts are super-cardio sessions for anyone who wants a good clean all-round work out to detox and sweat it out. Our experienced instructors will motivate you to push your body to the limit so you can get an effective fat burn. Strengthen everything, from your arms to your legs to your core and get into the shape you always wanted.

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Affordable Combat Fitness Workout at Real Fit Singapore


Combat Fitness

Combat Fitness combines martial arts, body strengthening and dance to give you a fusion workout that leaves you feeling accomplished and empowered. Expect to dance, punch, kick and work out for a full 60 minutes, learning great techniques originating from Karate, Kickboxing and more. Shoes/sneakers are compulsory for this class.

  • High energy, fast pace and fun
  • Work out your whole body
  • Tone your muscles to improve your figure and body shape

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High-Intensity Interval Training is a no-nonsense workout for you to push your limits and get to a new level of fitness. Experience a series of exercises that help you to build compact, lean muscle for your ideal shape.

HIIT is best done in a class or group so participants motivate each other to push harder and achieve fitness together! Shoes/sneakers are compulsory for this class.

  • High energy, fast-paced and highly effective
  • Intensive exercise to burn calories and shape up
  • Boost metabolism for quicker slimming effect

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Affordable HIIT Slimming Workout Class at Real Fit Singapore

Affordable Piloxing Workout Class at Real Fit Singapore



Piloxing is a fusion of Pilates, boxing and dance. Let the rhythm take you through the fast-paced class that feels more like fun than exercise. Feel empowered and accomplished when you finish the session and get closer to the ideal athletes’ figure. Piloxing is an incredibly fun work out safe for anyone of any fitness level. Shoes/sneakers are compulsary for this class.

  • High energy, fast-paced and fun
  • Intensive core building for a better figure
  • Build stamina through aerobic exercises

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