Few things make us happier than seeing great dance moves and knowing we can do them too! Dance is a great workout for slimming down and staying happy. At Real Fit, you can experience a variety of dance classes until you find the one that suits you. We have Zumba, Contemporary, Bollywood, Yoga and Hot Cardio Dance, and you are free to switch between different classes whenever you want.

Dance classes at Real Fit are open and multi-levelled – the difficulty is adjusted to suit the attendees.

  • Getting Ready for Classes at Real Fit Studio

    Getting Ready for Classes at Real Fit Studio

    How much are the classes? How do I get there? What facilities are available? Can I join if I’m a beginner? We will address all these questions in this post. To make things easy, we have prepared a checklist: There’s no rocket science about our classes. How much are classes? …Read More