Privacy Policy


Real Fit Studio operates in compliance to Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). Real Fit respects the Personal Information provided, and applies reasonable effort to collect, use, store, dispose, and/or disclose any of these personal information in accordance to the PDPA requirements.

When you provide information to Real Fit, you acknowledge to the following Privacy Policy.

Real Fit reserves the right to update the Privacy Policy at any time.

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Collection of Personal Data

When you access our website ( and/or its relevant pages under its domain, and/or the Real Fit Studio Mobile App, we may make use of cookies to collect anonymous web statistics for analytics purposes. You may disable cookies in your own browser/mobile settings.

In order to book classes, you have to create an account with Real Fit Studio. Personal Information collected includes, but not limited to Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact Number, Email Address, Residential Address, Photograph, Emergency Contact, Past Medical History.

When you call or email to make an enquiry, Real Fit Studio may take down your particulars and make a note in our system for future service optimization purposes.

Real Fit Studio will also take anonymous data trends of your class bookings for marketing purposes.

Usage of Personal Data

As the Real Fit Studio account is non-transferable, we may request to verify your Personal Data (i.e. residential address, date of birth). We may also make use of the collected Photograph to verify that your Real Fit account is not misused by unauthorized personnel.

From time to time, Real Fit Studio may also send you promotional messages, new services, new policies, or remind you to utilize any remaining credits before their expiry via phone calls, messages, or emails.

Real Fit Studio also makes use of your class booking history for marketing purposes, to understand market trends, and in turn develop new classes more suitable for you.

Storage of Personal Data

Real Fit Studio limits the access to Personal Information to minimize any security breach, and all Personal Information provided to is stored securely according to the PDPA. However, Real Fit Studio does not guarantee the Personal Information will not be accessed by any unauthorized third-party, including but not limited to hackers, trojan softwares, etc.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Real Fit will not disclose your Personal Information, except to law enforcement agencies, auditors, banks and credit card companies processing payment, and any agent acting on behalf of Real Fit Studio for the purpose of operating the business.

Real Fit may share parts of your Personal Information (i.e. Name) to instructors or staff, who may require these Personal Information to perform their obligated duties.

Disposal of Personal Data

When you are no longer an active account holder with Real Fit Studio, we may decide to continue storing your Personal Information for business or legal reasons. Real Fit Studio endeavours to dispose all unnecessary Personal Information responsibly to our best reasonable effort.

Accuracy of Personal Data Provided

From time to time, Real Fit Studio may request to validate credit card numbers or Personal Information via the original document. If you wish to amend your Personal Information provided, you may write to our Data Protection Officer anytime. Our Data Protection Officer may request for a copy of your original document to validate the accuracy of information provided.

Contacting the Data Protection Officer

Should you have any clarifications, complaints, or feedback regarding our Privacy Policy, you may write to our Data Protection Officer at You may also inform the Data Protection Officer via the same email if you wish to opt out of any phone calls, messages, or emails regarding promotional messages, new services, new policies, or reminders to utilize remaining credits.

Privacy Policy updated as of 29th October 2018.